This year’s bathroom trends

Bathrooms were mainly seen as something practical, that image has been a thing of the past for a while now. Now it is mostly seen as a place where you can completely unwind in a kind of oasis in your own home. To create this, we all put more and more money and effort into remodelling and refurbishing the bathroom. Those who still want to remodel their bathrooms this year naturally want to keep up with the latest bathroom trends. Here are this year’s trends.

Wellness in your own home

With a well-thought-out bathroom, you bring the wellness feeling into your own home. The trend this year is to keep it calm and serene. These days, life consists of a lot of must-do’s, so what could be better than to completely unwind in your own space. Relax in a bath, add scented candles, atmospheric, dimmable lighting and maybe a glass of wine or a book. Wood with its natural colour is always a good choice and creates a calm atmosphere that can be combined.

If you don’t have room for a bath, opt for a large rain shower, so you can still imagine yourself in the rainforest when you close your eyes. Don’t forget other scents like fresh linen or eucalyptus for a wonderfully relaxed feeling.

Natural shades are the new white

All white is a thing of the past, opt for earthy tones like brown, green or terracotta, but in faint variations so it doesn’t get too intense and busy. These beautiful warm shades are perfect to combine with different materials such as stone and wood. If you combine everything in the right way, it creates a calm and pleasant atmosphere. You can also use these shades in different accessories or, for example, your towels, so it doesn’t get too colourful.

A luxurious look with durable materials

Chrome and black have long been the colours in every trendy bathroom. Nowadays, these colours are increasingly giving way to nickel, copper or gold. By combining these colours with natural stone elements, for example, or wood, you create a luxurious hotel chic look. Make sure you also incorporate these natural materials in other large elements of the bathroom such as the washbasin, cabinets and possibly parts of the shower wall. Don’t overdo it with styling though because you don’t want to make it too busy.

Sustainability is another trend that has been on the rise for years and will continue this year. Invest in smart lights, sensors and a water-resistant shower head. Besides these sustainable elements, it is also important to look at the durability of the tiles, wood and other components in the bathroom.

Close your eyes and can you picture your dream bathroom too?