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Who is Coupon Gorilla?

Coupon Gorilla is a discount code platform in more than 8 countries. On our Coupon Gorilla discount code websites across Europe, we collect promotions and discount codes from online shops and companies.

In recent years, discount codes and promotions have taken an increasingly important role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. We at Coupon Gorilla both offer these consumers a convenient platform where only working discount codes are shared. Because everything is clearly arranged, you as a consumer can always quickly and easily find the discount code you are looking for.

Exclusive discount codes

All promotions and discount codes on Coupon Gorilla are supplied by the companies themselves. We also have exclusive discount codes and promotions that can only be found on our website. These codes are also checked for authenticity. So you can be sure that the discount codes you find on Coupon Gorilla really work.

Have you discovered a great promotion or discount code from your favourite webshop yourself? Use the search bar at the top to find the company you are looking for. You can then easily submit a discount code via the subsequent page. This way, you make sure that other people don’t pay too much for products or services either.

So go to Coupon Gorilla before you make a purchase and never pay too much for your next order.